Are methadone pills addictive like herion?

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yes.. i have known people to abuse methadone when they cannot find heroin. methadone also has a withdrawl factor that can be compared to actual heroin withdrawl. eventhough it is used to get off heroin its really just substituting one for the another.

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2010-03-08 03:11:04
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Q: Are methadone pills addictive like herion?
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Does methadone wean you off morphine?

Yes, Morphine is an opiate. Methadone is used to prevent withdrawal and is much easier to stop using than drugs like herion, pain pills, & narcotics, which morphine is (an opiate based narcotic).

Is methadone an opioid antagonist?

Methadone is opioid AGONIST, highly addictive just like heroin.

What does a 30mg methadone look like?

They dont make methadone in a 30mg pill. Pills come in 5mg,10mg and 40mg.

Are you allowed to take Gravol when you are on a methadone program?

Most like not since it can be addictive. Ask your doctor or your program leader.

What do all methadone 10 mgs tablets look like?

like a handfull of white pills with various markings

Is methadone for pain?

yes it is, but it should only be taken if in severe pain like if you are an amputee or something. It is one of the most addictive drugs.

What is synthetic methadone?

Umm, synthetic methadone IS methadone. Methadone is synthetic to begin with so to say what is synthetic methadone is like saying what is a human person. A person is a human LOL. So whoever is saying "synthetic methadone" has got something mixed up, because methadone is just methadone. While it comes in different forms (pills and liquid) it is all synthetically made and not natural.

Is methadone used for pain?

yes it is, but it should only be taken if in severe pain like if you are an amputee or something. It is one of the most addictive drugs.

What sleeping pills did Eminem take?

Ambiean CR, Lunesta, Paxil, Vicodine, Methadone, Valium, Soma...stuff like that.

What does methadone pills look like?

some pills are kind of squared and have the letter m in the middle,others are round and have a negative sign on the back and the numbers 54 on top an 142 on the bottom

How do you take 57 71 m 10 mg methadone pills?

You just take them orally like you would with any other pill. Do not put it under your tongue like with suboxone as it will burn and taste horrible. Methadone pills break down quickly and dissolve very fast so there is no point in crushing or breaking the pill.

What does snorting 10mg methadone feel like?

First off, snorting methadone is not a good idea. If your asking what it feels like, it will burn the crap out of your nose and will get stuck up there. All methadone pills expand when they are exposed to moisture and grow to about 1-2 times there original size. On top of this, snorting methadone is pointless because it is a slow acting and absorbing drug. It does not absorb quickly into the bloodstream like many other opiate pills. So snorting methadone will not get you any more "high" than if you take it orally. You will actually lose a lot of the medication and feel less of its effects due to it becoming stuck in your nose. and taking forever to absorb.

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