Are drugs bad for your health?

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All drugs in excess will have negative consequences for your health. Yes, this even includes marijuana.

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Q: Are drugs bad for your health?
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Related questions

What the effects of drugs on health?

Drugs are bad for your health.

How are drugs bad for your health?

they are not

Do illegal drugs make you lighted?

no, not at all! Illegal drugs are bad for your health and very dangerous.

What is in drugs?

actually there is alot of chemicals that r in dsrugs that can get you addicted to it. smoking these drugs are bad for your organs and your health.

Do people get fever and chills from drugs?

Yes drugs are a bad idea and will give you serious health problems

Why is it bad to do drugs?

Drug directly harms the health of an individual, that is the reason why people request to avoid drugs.

Why is drug bad for your health?

Most, not if all, illegal drugs are bad for your health. Over-the-counter drugs may also be bad for health due to overdosing. The reason for this is that many drugs alter the way our internal systems (e.g. nervous) work. For example, cigarettes cause lung cancer because of all the minerals in the cylinder.

How are cigarettes drugs alcohol bad for health?

Because they can cause health effects that could threaten life

Does declan galbraith take drugs?

Declan does NOT do any drugs what so ever, he understands that it is bad for his health and it will change his singing voice to where it sounds bad

How arre drugs bad?

Drugs can be bad to our health by taking it over dose and taking it without prescription of the doctors and it will lead to a serious problem if we become addicted by it.

Is there more good drugs then bad drugs?

All drugs are good for your health. who ever put that is obviusly lying. and i would like them to tell me how heroine, ecstacy, cannabis, tobacco, alcohol etc, are good for your health?

Reasons not to use drugs?

well, because drugs are bad for you, and they ruin your health. I think it is really sad if you get addicted to drugs. Or else, don't even try it.

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