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no, if you break your ankle you cant walk blablabla

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Q: Are ankle spraines worse than ankle breaks?
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Which hurts less breaking your ankle or sprain your ankle?

spraining your ankle hurts worse than breaking it.

Do back tattoo's hurt worse than ankle tattoos?

it depends if you're getting a flower, stars, or a tribal.

Why does a sprained ankle hurt worse than a broken ankle?

A broken ankle - is set in plaster and thus the joint is immobilised until it 's healed. A sprained ankle is a muscular injury - and even the slightest movement will be uncomfortable until the muscles heal themselves.

How do you sprain your ankle badly?

Ankle Eversion could cause a worse sprain than an inversion because you have greater compression forces and also a higher chance of an avulsion fracture

Can I run while treating my sprained ankle?

You can run while treating a sprained ankle but it is not recommended. Running can stop the sprain from healing properly and make it worse than it was before.

You spraned your ankle almost a year ago and it swells up and still hurts all the time did you hurt your ankle worse than you thought?

Yes and it is still injured - you need to go and get it x-rayed

Is the ankle proximal to the knee?

No. The ankle is distal to the knee, because the ankle is farther from the trunk of the body than the knee.

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Ankle is what to the foot?

The ankle is closer to the body than the foot so it is proximal.

If your skin usually breaks out around your period and ovulation would the break out be worse if you were pregnant rather than on your period?

Well it depends on your hormones some woman get it worse and some skin will actually clear up.

Which heals faster a broken ankle bone or a sprained ankle?

A broken bone heals alot faster than a ankle sprain.

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