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484 Billion Dollars...

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Q: About how much does drug abuse in the United states cost each year?
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What drug do people like to abuse?

Alchol is the main drug that people abuse in the united states

Which agencies fight drug abuse?

There are various worldwide agencies that fight drug abuse. In the United States there is the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

What has the author John Edward Flaherty written?

John Edward Flaherty has written: 'Army drug abuse program: a future model?' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drug use, Soldiers, Treatment, United States, United States. Army

Is alcoholism the largest area of drug abuse?

Alcoholism is an incredibly large part of drug abuse, yes, but right now in the United States opioid abuse has surpassed all other drug addictions. Alcohol IS a drug, glad you pointed that out!

What is the US drug czar?

The United States "Drug Czar" is a nickname for the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy(ONDCP). It is a cabinet position that was created in 1988 by the Anti-drug Abuse act

What has the author Jess T Ford written?

Jess T. Ford has written: 'Drug control' -- subject(s): American Agricultural assistance, American Economic assistance, American Technical assistance, Cocaine industry, Control of Narcotics, Drug abuse and crime, Drug control, Drug traffic, Evaluation, Heroin, United States, United States. Agency for International Development, United States. Dept. of Justice, United States. Dept. of State

When was crystal meth made illegal?

Crystal meth was made illegal in 1970 in the United States. This was due to the fact that the drug was now able to be injected into the veins, and it worsened the abuse of the drug.

What has the author Douglas A Wright written?

Douglas A. Wright has written: 'State estimates of substance use from the 2001 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drug abuse surveys, States, Statistics, Substance abuse

What has the author Jerry Powers written?

Jerry Powers has written: 'FTA drug and alcohol program assessment' -- subject(s): Alcohol tests, Alcoholism, Bus drivers, Drug abuse, Drug testing, Drug tests, Employees, Evaluation, Government policy, Local transit, Prevention, United States, United States. Federal Transit Administration

Should drug abuse by pregnant women be considered drug abuse?

Drug abuse is drug abuse, regardless of whether or not the woman is pregnant.

About how much does drug abuse in the US cost each year?

484 billion

How much money did drug abuse cost in 2002?

$181 Billion dollars

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