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Q: A n routine helps overcome soreness and stiffness and returns muscles to their resting length?
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A routine helps overcome soreness and stiffness and returns muscles to their resting length?


What muscles between the ribs lift during normal resting breathing?

intercostal muscles

Resting skeletal muscles use glucose as a preferred energy source?

Resting skeletal muscles burn glucose for energy. Although fat can also be used as an energy source, if glucose is present, muscles will use glucose first.

Which term means resting before an event to prevent overworked muscles?


What is vasomotor tone?

Constant level of nervous stimulation to the muscles in the blood vessel walls. This gives the muscles a resting level of contraction.

Do you need more calories if you have a lot of muscles?

No. That is not the case. The resting muscles need very less number of calories. They need those little calories for tone of muscles.

What is an activity that prepares the muscles to return to a resting state?

Cooling Down (cool-down)

Why do you cool down after exercising?

Cooling down, also called warming down, is the term used to describe an easy exercise that will allow the body to gradually transition from an exertion state to a resting or near-resting state. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, cooling down can involve a slow jog or walk, or with lower intensities, stretching can be used. Cooling down helps remove lactic acid which can cause cramps and stiffness and allows the heart rate to return to its resting rate. Contrary to popular belief, cool down does not appear to reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness.♥shally.

What characterizes temporary low back pain?

The pain is usually localized, and there may be muscle spasms or soreness when the doctor touches the area. The patient usually feels better when resting.

Why do mouths stay open?

Because of the way that muscles are attached to the jaw. The resting state of the muscles cause the bottom jaw to retract away from the rest of the skull.

Which is not a shared similarity between warm up and cool down routines?

Restore muscles to their resting length.

How can you increase body muscles?

You can increase your muscles by doing regular exercise. gradually increasing resistance. following a proper diet and achieving proper rest...your muscles grow while resting not while working out....

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