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Just ignore him.Alot of boys do that to me

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โˆ™ 2008-05-30 01:09:46
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Q: A guy hates you because of rumors what should you do?
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You really like this guy but you know he hates you what should you do?

if you know the guy hates you then you should leave it alone , trust me if its meant to be it will work out as corny as that sounds...-summerI agree, and why would you even want a guy that hates you?

Should you stay with a guy if his family hates you?


How do you get a guy that hates you to have a crush on you?

You just can't. You see, he hates you !

How do you get a guy to ask you to dance if he hates you?

I must ask - why would you want to get a guy you feel hates you to dance with you?

What should you do if you really like this guy but his twin sister hates you?

just go for it who cares what she thinks

How do you get a guy who hates you to ask you out?

it depends on why he hates you, have you done something to him or is it completely random? anyway how do you no he hates you?

What do you do when your mom hates who your dating?

you stay away from the person your mom hates the guy your dating because he might be bad or treats you like a bad person.

Can a guy get excited by a girl he hates?

No, that's just stupid. Even if the girl's hot, the guy still hates her.

What should you do when you like a guy but also hate him and you think he hates you to maybe?

Move on drop him. there should no question. end of story.

Why did curley pick a fight with Lennie?

Because Curley is a small guy and Lennie is a big guy.(Curley hates big guys.)

What religion is Peter Griffin in family guy?

He is a Catholic, which is why his father hates his wife, because she is a Protestant.

What do you do if your best friend knows you're jealous of her because you both have a crush on the same guy and now she hates you?

Well, I think what you should do is talk to her about it and work it out. A simpler solution is that NEITHER of you get the guy, that way there's no fighting.

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