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It was cancelled after 2 seasons (52 episodes)

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Q: Will there be a third season of ScoobyDoo Mystery Incorporated?
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When is ScoobyDoo Mystery Incorporated Season 4 airing?

Never.First of all, there's not even a third season of the show.Second, it was cancelled after 2 seasons.

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Is there going to a third season of Scooby-Doo?

If you mean a third season of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, that's a slightly difficult question as there are two different divisions of episodes. I'll answer as well as I can, though. The original division for season 1 was intended to be episodes 1-26, with episodes 27 beginning season 2. However, due to a contract dispute, the original season 1 was split into two halves as aired in America (with season 1 being episodes 1-13 and season 2 being episodes 14-26). As for episode 27 and onward, it is likely in the making but no official release date for that has been given. As the overarching mystery remains unsolved thus far, it would appear logical that more will be written. I have also heard rumors that the original episode count was to be 52, but I'm not positive just how reliable that number is.

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