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there is no powerplant in pokemon emerald

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Q: Where is the power plant in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get Zapdos Pokemon emerald?

You can't get it on emerald, but you can get it in the power plant in kanto, fire red/leaf green (Lv.50) then trade it

What is TM43 in pokemon emerald?

tm43 in emerald is secret power

Who can teach your Pokemon frenzy plant on emerald?

No one in the game will do that for you.

Where can you get an elekid in Pokemon emerald?

You get Elekid in Pokemon Emerald you need to either breed a traded Electabuzz or trade for one from Pokemon FireRed. Electabuzz appears exclusively in Pokemon FireRed and can be found in the wild at the Power Plant. The Electabuzz are however very rare with a 5 percent chance of appearing.

How do you get a power bracer in Pokemon emerald?

No such thing exists.

How do you get inside bushes on Pokemon emerald?

It is possible to get inside bushes in the game Pokemon Emerald. You have to use the move hidden power.

Which Pokemon can use secret power in Pokemon emerald?

All except Magikarp.

What is the TM10 in Pokemon emerald?

the TM 10 in emerald is hidden power. te attack power varies among different Pokemon. accuracy:100 pp:15

Where do you get Secret Power on Pokemon Emerald?

You get it at slateport city dude.

What Pokemon that has a strength power in Pokemon emerald?

rayquaza, kyogre, groudon! they are only one!

Where do you find pataya berry in Pokemon Emerald?

Pataya berries must be obtained from either Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness trade a Pokemon holding the berry to emerald then plant it to get more.

What pokemon is in the power plant?


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