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You find the dusk balls in blackthorn city:)

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Q: Where do you buy dusk balls in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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Does Pokemon Sapphire have dusk balls?


How do you find the town where dusk balls are Pokemon diamond?

there is no town or city that has dusk balls sorry

When do you get to catch rayquazza?

Stock up on ultra balls, heavy balls, dusk ball, timer balls...basically whatever pokeballs you can find. I caught mine with an heavy ball made with a black apricorn by kurt. Pokemon heart gold.

How do you get a dusk balls in Pokemon FireRed?

there isnt any dusk balls in fire red, they were introduced in generation iv

When is Pokemon Dusk Gold version coming out?

There is no such thing as 'Dusk Gold', it is a delusion created by fans. The true new games are Heart Gold and Soul Silver which are due to be released in Japan soon.

Where do you buy Dusk Balls and Quick Balls at in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

You can get Dusk Ball and Quick Balls at Fallarbor Town.

What level does misdreavus evolve in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Misdreavus only evolves using dusk stone.

What is the best poke ball to catch Ho-oh with in soulsilver?

depends if its night then dusk balls if its the heart gold one then level and nest balls when you train alot

Where can you find a Dusk Stone in Pokemon Gold Version?

, there's no such thing as the galactic whatever in Pokemon gold......its impossible to get a dusk stone in gold..... True, there is no Galactic location on Pokemon Gold unless you are cheating and you can not get a Dusk Stone on Pokemon Gold, though you can get a Dusk Stone on Pokemon Heart Gold , To get it you need to earn 3000 points in the Pokeathlon on either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, when you get 3000 points you can buy the Dusk Stone and you can also get other stones. Jacko25 actually I dont think its the pokeathlon, I think its the bug catching competion. When you win first place you get a random stone, it could be a dusk stone or something else.

Where can you buy dusk balls in Pokemon outside the Pokemon league?

Go to Pastoria City and there will be two people at the counter. Press A in front of the guy on the left and he sells dusk balls, quick balls, and i think net balls.

What level does murkrow evolve in Pokemon heart gold?

it doesent evolve by level it evolves by a stone a dusk stone

What time are Dusk Balls effective in Pokemon Vortex?


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