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BBC Radio 5 live can be found on AM 909 or 693.

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2014-07-01 18:01:04
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Q: What wavelength is BBC Radio 5 live?
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What wavelength is BBC Radio 5 live test match special in the UK?

I'm no expert but think the answer is 1500 metres

How many BBC channels are there?

A lot. There is: BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC Iplayer, BBC England, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, BBC Northern Ireland, and BBC America There is BBC radio channels too: Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5 live,5 live sports extra, 6 music, radio 7, Asian Network

Where can one listen to BBC 5 live shows?

BBC 5 live is a radio station that provides live news and sport. This radio station can be listened to via digital radio, television, and an internet strem.

What wavelength is radio 5 live extra?

its D.A.B. and online, not on radio as yet! i have dab

What wavelength is BBC radio R5SX?

5 live - Freeview 705 5 live sports extra - Freeview 7065 live - Virgin Media 905 5 live sports extra - Virgin Media 9085 live - Sky 0105 / Freesat 705 5 live Sports Extra - Sky 0144 / Freesat 706Analogue Radio 5 live 909/693 AM

What radio station can you listen to BBC Boxing?

The radio station you can listen to BBC Boxing is BBC radio 5 live. The station is 94.9. They have reports, news, and commentators for boxing on that station.

What network is Radio 5 live affiliated with?

Radio 5 Live is affiliated with the BBC Radio Network. It was originally known as Radio Five Live and was renamed in August of 2007 but its affiliation was unaffected by this change.

What are the most popular radio channels?

In the UK, the best three most popular radio channels are: BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4* and BBC Radio 1. Other popular radio channels are: Heart, Capital, BBC Radio 5 Live*, Kiss, Smooth Radio and Magic FM.

Where can you listen to Manchester United v Fulham radio commentary?

5 live bbc

What wavelength is BBC Radio 5 live sports extra?

Unfortunately, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra isn't broadcast on FM or AM frequencies, but only to digital receivers in the UK or with access to a UK signal:DAB Radio: Channel 12BFreeview TV: Channel 706Freesat TV: Channel 706Sky TV: Channel 0144Virgin Media TV: Channel 908TalkTalk TV: Channel 607UPC Ireland TV: Channel 928

Where can one get information about radio five live?

The best way in order to get more information about "Radio 5 Live" would be for sure to check the BBC website. Here one should click "More" and then the "Full A-Z" link. Now one can select "R" and the corresponding link "Radio 5 Live". Another option would be the related Wikipedia page entitled "BBC Radio 5 Live".

What frequency is BBC Radio 2 broadcast on?

BBC Radio 2 is broadcast on radio frequencies 88-91 FM. BBC Radio 1 is 97-99 FM. BBC Radio 3 is 90-93 FM. BBC Radio 4 is 92-95 FM. Lastly the BBC Radio 5 frequency is 909/693 MW.

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