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If it's a venomous spider you might get the power of death

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2009-09-26 22:44:04
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Does a spider make its web it self or no

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Q: What powers would you get if you got bit by a spider?
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When did Spider Man get his powers?

he got bitten by a spider

How did Spider-Man become a super hero?

He got bit by a spider and got his powers,then after his uncle died,he remembered the phrase his uncle told him,"with great power,comes great responsibility".

What happened to spider man when he got bit?

He turned into spider-man no ones knows exactly how it happened apart from the most obvious thing which is that he got bit by a spider !

Would a real Spider-Man shoot web from his hands?

Of course no son! spider-man is fiction. and there couldn't be a man that got bit by a spider living and web slinging. you get bit by a radioactive spider, you die. okay?

Where did spider man get bit?

spider-man got bit on his right hand not the palm but the opposite side of it, where the bone of the thump startsIF YOU WATCHED THE MOVIE SPIDER-MAN 1 YOU CAN SEE WHERE HE GOT BIT

How did spider man get his special powers?

he got bitten by a spider on steroids inside the museum

How did the shaggy dog turn into a dog?

it is sort of like spider man but spider man got bit by a spider the shaggy dog turned into a dog because he got bit by a dog

How did spider plants get its name?

the spider plant got its name because it lookes a tiny bit like a spider.

What is spider man about?

this guy got bitten by a spider then he got spider powers giving him the ability to shoot webs crawl on buildings and swing on things he called himself the friendly neighborhood spider man.

How you become spider man?

To become Spider-Man youu must be bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider during a class field trip and that is how he got his powers.

How do you define a hobo spider?

a hobo spider is brown and hairy you will know if you got bit by it if you see a huge blister from the spider

Is the woodlouse spider poisonous to humans?

no i got bit bye one

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