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BBC Radio 2 is broadcast on radio frequencies 88-91 FM. BBC Radio 1 is 97-99 FM. BBC Radio 3 is 90-93 FM. BBC Radio 4 is 92-95 FM. Lastly the BBC Radio 5 frequency is 909/693 MW.

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Q: What frequency is BBC Radio 2 broadcast on?
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What is the broadcasting wavelength for BBC Radio 2?

BBC Radio Two broadcasts on an FM frequency between 88.1 - 90.2 MHz, this corresponds to a radio wavelength between 3.41m and 3.33m respectively.

Is radio 2 available globally?

Radio 2 is based out of Britain. It has recently become a national radio broadcast because the BBC has become so popular in other areas of the world.

How many BBC channels are there?

A lot. There is: BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC News, BBC Parliament, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC Iplayer, BBC England, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, BBC Northern Ireland, and BBC America There is BBC radio channels too: Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5 live,5 live sports extra, 6 music, radio 7, Asian Network

What are the most popular radio channels?

In the UK, the best three most popular radio channels are: BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4* and BBC Radio 1. Other popular radio channels are: Heart, Capital, BBC Radio 5 Live*, Kiss, Smooth Radio and Magic FM.

Radio station broadcasting super bowl?

bbc radio 2

What is the most listened to radio show in the UK?

BBC radio 2

What is the frequency of BBC raidio 2?

88.1 - 90.2 fm

What types of music are featured on BBC Radio 6 Music?

BBC Radio 6 Music is the sister radio station of BBC Radio 2. The selection of music being featured on BBC Radio 6 Music are mostly dance music, jazzy and souly music and not to mention Carribean music like Jamaican.

What channels are on freeview?

BBC 1 BBC 2 ITV 1 Channel 4 Five ITV 2 BBC Three BBC Four ITV 3 Pick TV Yesterday Channel 4 +1 More4 ITV +1 Dave Challenge ITV 4 ITV 2+1 Film4 Five USA Five* Quest S4/C 5+1 Ceebebies CITV CBBC 4 Music Viva BBC News Sky News BBC Parliament RT (News) Teletext BBC Red Button Sky Text QVC Ideal Word BID TV Community Channel The Big Deal Price Drop TV Teletext Holidays The Food Network Really The Jewellery Channel BBC Radio 1 BBC Radio 1 XTRA BBC Radio 2 BBC Radio 3 BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 4 extra BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra BBC Radio 6 World Service The Hits Smash Hits Heat Magic Q Smooth Kerrang TalkSport Capital FM Premier (Christian Radio) U 105.8 Heart Absolute Kiss Thank you!

What is the telephone number of BBC radio 2?

You can text Radio 2 on 88291. The phone number is 0500 288 291.

What is the wave width of an FM radio wave?

2(frequency deviation+signal frequency)

What is the most popular radio station in the UK?

The most popular radio station in the UK in terms of listening figures is BBC Radio 2, This is due to the demographics of this country and many people in their 30s/40s etc. BBC Radio 2 has an audience share of around 14%

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