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An Auror with Harry.

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2010-03-22 02:47:40
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Q: What does Ron Weasley of the Harry Potter series grow up to be?
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What does Harry Potter grow up to be?

An Auror

What does Harry Potter want to be when he grow up?

He wants to be an Auror.

Does Harry's friend die?

Answer: no harry potter's friends don't die. Harry and Ron both have jobs at the ministry of magic when they grow up and so does Hermione. Ron and Hermione get married and Harry and Ginny get married too. The only friend that does die is Fred and he is killed by a death eater. Answer: Several of Harry Potter's friends die in the series.

Can a 10 year old read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Nothing is stopping a ten year old from reading it but they probably wouldn't understand it as well as older people. The Harry Potter series is a series to grow up with. The first book is aimed at younger children and the last book is aimed at older teenagers.

Where did mark Williams from Harry Potter grow up?

Mark Williams, who plays Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England. He attended North Bromsgrove High School.He was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford where he studied English. He became a member of the Mikron Theatre, a canal boat-based touring group in the 1980s.

What age does a unicorns horn grow in Harry Potter?

When they are 4 years old

Did Harry Potter grow up?

Yes, as the epilogue shows in the last book.

Where does Mimbulus Mimbletonia grow natively in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

Mimbulus Mimbletonia is from Assyria.

Name the drinks in Harry Potter?

harry potter drinks butter beer and pumkin juice there also is poly juice potion and skele grow [ for when he lost all his bones in his right arm]

What spell is used to grow teeth in Harry Potter?

Densaugeo is a hex used to grow teeth to a large size. Hermione was hit by this hex during a duel between Draco and Harry.

What teen actor would make a good Harry Potter?

After watching Daniel Radcliffe grow up in the part, he is the only one that I can imagine in the part. If he were to be replaced at this point it would ruin the entire series.

What was the intended audience of the book 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'?

The Harry Potter books are a series to grow up with. Each book is aimed at children who are the same age as Harry in each book. Therefore, Prisoner of Azkaban is aimed at children aged thirteen. Anybody older would understand the book just fine, maybe even better, but anybody younger may struggle unless they were very mature and well educated.

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