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the anime doesn't finish on a certain chapter of ouran. as far as i have read, the last few episodes with Tamaki getting married never happened. that was created for an ending to the anime. the manga is still going. currently it's up to volume 15

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2010-06-26 02:09:52
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Q: What chapter does the anime finish in the manga Ouran High School Host Club?
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What is the last chapter in the anime of the series 'Ouran High School Host Club'?

If you are referring to the manga of Ouran High School Host Club, the series hasn't ended yet and the manga is still ongoing. If you were asking about the anime. The series in the anime ended at episode 26.

What chapter is the ouran festival?

For the anime it is episodes 25 and 26.

Ouran high school host club animes stop at manga what chapter?

The anime doesn't follow the manga at the end.

Is there an ouran high school hostclub anime?


What season does Ouran high school host club continue after the anime?

It actually doesn't continue after the anime though I wish it did

Name of a french anime character?

French Anime Characters: Tamaki Souh from Ouran High School Host Club

What anime shows are similar to special A?

Fruit basket and ouran high school host club

Is there ova for anime ouran high school?

No I'm sorry there isn't any OVA's for OHSHC

Does Ouran High School Host Club an anime take place at japan or London?

In Japan.

What chapter does the ouran high school host club anime end?

Well, the manga is still ongoing, and hasn't ended yet. But the anime has ended, and I don't think there will be a second season, but what happens in the end of that, I'm not sure which chapter that is....that sounds like what your question is asking, if not sorry. The manga has a LOT of extra parts the anime had before the end, so its hard to say which chapter

Where can you watch ouran high school episodes in English online for free?

There's a website that hosts all sorts of anime for free. I love Ouran :3 Have fun watching. Edit (from a different person): Here: enjoy~! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- None of the above seemed to work. This site works though - ~Enjoy~

Where can you download Ouran High School Host Club anime?

iTunes, youtube (download the youtube video downloader first), anime sites

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