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Deoxys in its Attack Forme has the highest attack stat.

1. Deoxys (Attack Forme) - 180 base attack

2. Rampardos - 165 base attack

3. Slaking - 160 base attack

4. Regigigas - 160 base attack

5. Groudon - 150 base attack

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Q: What Pokemon has the best attack stat?
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What is the highest attack stat Pokemon in ruby?

Deoxys in attack form has an attack stat that is second to none.

What Pokemon has a lot of attack stat in pearl?


What does calcium do in Pokemon Red?

Calcium raises the Pokemon's Special Attack stat.

What Pokemon is best to teach waterfall to in diamond?

either gyrados, quaqusire, or floatzle, because of their high attack stat

How do you work out if an attack uses the attack stat or the special attack stat in Pokemon?

say if it is flame thrower the Pokemon does not make contact with the other the flamethrower does that is a special attack. Where a move like mach punch it makes physical contact and hits that is a regular attack.

What does the ability hyper cutter do in Pokemon White?

Hyper Cutter prevents a Pokemon's attack stat from being reduced by an attack from the opposing Pokemon (it can still be reduced by an attack from your own Pokemon that reduces attack).

Cheat codes for stat attack 2?

what is stat attack secarat code what is stat attack secarat code what is stat attack secarat code

Who is the best starter pokemon on black and white?

Snivy's highest base stat is Speed (63). Tepig's highest base stat is Attack (63 (if you don't count HP (65)). Oshawott's highest base stat is Special Attack (63). The total stats are all the same, so there isn't really a best starter. You can choose which one fits the best on you!

Which Pokemon has the lowest Special stat in Pokemon Blue?

Magikarp has the lowest base special stat with it's sp. attack at 15 and sp. defense at 20.

What does the liechi berry do?

If held by a Pokemon it will be used when in danger it will raise attack stat.

In Pokemon Which strikes first quick attack or Extreme speed?

the Pokemon with the higher speed stat ,I think.

What does it mean if a Pokemon has a bold nature?

pokemon with bold nature has increased defence stat and decreased attack stat... try to google full list of all natures...

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