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He proposed to Taylor Swift but she said no. He is not married or getting married.

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2010-12-21 23:44:28
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Q: Is Taylor Lautner getting married
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Are Taylor swift and Taylor Lautner really getting married?

NO.Taylor Swift broke up with Taylor Lautner

Is Taylor lautner and Kristen Stewart getting married?


Does Taylor Lautner married?

No, Taylor Lautner is not married

Is Taylor Swift getting married?

Taylor Swift was proposed to by Taylor Lautner. And she said no. And she broke up with him. and she's not getting married.

Is Taylor Lautner married?

No, Taylor Lautner is not married.No.

Are Taylor Lautner and Sean Fox Zastoupil really getting married?


Who is Taylor Lautner married to?

Taylor Lautner is married to Olivia Lautner (maiden name Littlejohn). They are happily married.

Are Taylor Lautner and Taylor swift getting married?

No, i don't think so .............just going out

What would Taylor swift's name be if she married Taylor Lautner?

Taylor lautner!

Is Taylor Lautner would be engaged with his girlfriend?

yup he is. we are getting married this saterday

Is it true that Taylor Lautner and Taylor swift are married?

No... They are not married. In an interview with Taylor Swift, she says that she is single, and it is her choice to be single. It is true that Taylor Lautner and her had once dated, but I think that they broke up, not that had really ever be publisized. No, I do not think they broke up. So far, Taylor and Taylor are just friends, or maybe even something a little more. They are not getting married!!!! Can you imagine? Taylor Swift's name would be Taylor Lautner! LOL, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner, imagine how dreadful that would be!!! cheerleader97989900: to NO THEY ARE NOT MARRIED!!!!! they are engaged not married

Is Taylor Lautner really a girl?

NO! if Taylor swift married Taylor lautner she would be.

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