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Q: How old is russell simmons jr?
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Is Russell Simmons Jr. dead?

No, as of December 2011, Russell Simmons Jr. is still alive.

How old is Russell Simmons III?

Russell Simmons III is 33years old.

What are Diggy Simmons' brothers' names?

Diggy Simmons' brothers' names are Joseph "JoJo" Simmons Jr. and Russell "Russy" Simmons II.

How old is Russell Simmons?

Russell Simmons is 60 years old (birthdate: October 4, 1957). (his nephew, Russell Simmons II, aka Russy, was born August 30, 1997)

How old is Russell simmons junior?

12 years old

How many kids does rev run have?

He has 6 children. Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, Joseph Simmons, Jr., Daniel Simmons III, Russell Simmons III, and the beautiful Miley Justine Simmons.

Is Russell Simmons single?

No, Russell Simmons is not single.

What is Russell Simmons' middle name?

Russell Simmons' middle name is Wendell. Russell Wendell Simmons.

What is Russell Simmons's middle name?

Russell Simmons' middle name is Wendell. Russell Wendell Simmons.

How old is Daniel Simmons' brother?

There are two individuals named Daniel Simmons: The older brother of Joseph "Rev. Run" Simmons is Daniel Simmons Jr. - no birthdate available. The second-oldest son of Joseph Simmons is Daniel "Diggy" Simmons III, born March 21. 1995. Dan Simmons brothers are: Russell Simmons - born October 4, 1957 Joseph Simmons - born November 14, 1964 Diggy Simmons brothers are: Joseph "Jojo" Simmons Jr. - born September 29, 1989 (*half-brother) Russell "Russy" Simmons II - born August 30, 1997

How old is Russell Thompkins Jr?

Russell Thompkins Jr is 60 years old (birthdate: March 21, 1951).

How old is Russell Simmons II?

Russell "Russy" Simmons II is 20 years old (birthdate: August 30, 1997). *a different source gives his birth year as 1996

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