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Very long. So long that he couldn't even turn his head around the room:

At this third lie, his nose became longer than ever, so long that he could not even turn around. If he turned to the right, he knocked it against the bed or into the windowpanes; if he turned to the left, he struck the walls or the door; if he raised it a bit, he almost put the Fairy's eyes out.

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Q: How long did Pinocchio's nose grow?
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If you were testing how many inches Pinocchios nose grew each time he told a lie and you were controlling how many lies he told your dependent variable would be?

The length of his nose.

Why did pinocchio's nose grow long?

If he lies, then his nose grows longer.

What were Pinocchios friends called?


Why did pinocchio's nose grow?

Pinocchio's nose would grow longer when he told lies .

What would happen if Pinocchio said my nose will now grow?

The fact is that if pinochio said this he would be lying,so therefore his nose would grow,but then his lie would become true,and again because he spoke the truth his nose would shrink,which would make him a lier again,so therefore it would result in a never ending occurence of his nose growing and shrinking. its almost like if you took viagra and steroids at the same time or you can use the bubble theory and state that in one dimension his nose will grow and in another it would shrink or you can say that one half of his nose would grow and the other would shrink making it a...wait for it...half truth"he he" Then again, saying "my nose will grow" is a presumption for the future and a vague one at that. If he said that his nose would grow in the future, but did not specify when it would, so as long as his nose had the ability to grow, then the statement would be neither be false or true. If his nose could not grow, then his statement would be false, but if his nose could not grow, then he would have already broken the curse. But if he thought he knew that his nose could not grow any more, then it would be a lie, and therefor his nose would grow. Then, in 200 milliseconds (average human reaction time), after realizing that his statement was in fact truth, his nose would shrink again. It would therefor not grow again as he had already satisfied the condition of his nose growing once.

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