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His mother

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His father

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Q: How did sunil gavaskar begin playing cricket and who developed his talent as a cricketer.give answer from the lesson my first step?
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How did sunil gawaskar break his mother's nose?

while playing cricket with a tennis ball with his mother. gavaskar hit one straight back on her nose.

How did gavaskar break his mother's nose?

Gavaskar was playing the daily cricket match with her mother in the small gallery of their house. His mother used to bowl him. One day Gavaskar hit one straight back and caught her bang on the nose, which started bleeding. Now, as the distance was short and it was a tennis ball, the injury was really bad and she must have received great pain. The boy was frightened while his mother shrugged the pain off, washed her face and as the bleeding stopped, they started playing again. The difference between the reaction of the boy and his mother was something to look at more closely. While Gavaskar was too young and afraid, the mother was fond of cricket and was keen on inspiring her son to be a good cricketer. She could not afford to break down with a small injury but to overcome it somehow to instill the spirit of fight in her son.

Which cricketer playing 60 over in a match in world cup?

sunil gavaskar

When did people start playing the sport cricket?

Cricket was first played in southern England in the 16th century. By the end of the 18th century, it had developed into the national sport of England.

What is a club for playing cricket called?

A Cricket Club

What are the item used for playing cricket?

A cricket bat, cricket stumps and a cricket ball. Hope that helps.

What is the title of the cricket?

the title for the cricket is feel of playing for our nation

What are the Uses of cricket bat?

the use of a cricket bat is to hit the ball whilst your playing cricket

What year did England start playing cricket?

When cricket was invented they invented it

What do cricket players achiev by playing cricket?

Fame, Respect and money.

When did India started playing cricket?

India started playing cricket in the 16th century. This is my answer to the questionLove,Parin Patel

Does netherland play cricket?

Yes, neatherland play cricket neatherland is associate cricket playing nation.

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