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yes its call

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Q: Is there another website that is alkie Fantage?
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Who is degrassi39850?

Degrassi39850 is a Fantage citizen who has a website similar to The website is shared with Michelle1086 another Fantage citizen. The website is very successful and its called: fantagedegrassiandmichelle on Don't forget to check out the website!

Is Fantage a website?


Is fantage a good website?

Fantage is amazing, If you want to communicate with your friends even while off fantage go to: Q: Is it a good website? A: Yes, but usually only if you 11 and under.

What is an alkie?

"Alkie" is a colloquial term for someone who is an alcoholic, struggling with alcohol dependency or addiction. It is often used informally and may have negative connotations.

Are there any game site that has fantage?

Yes. has Fanatge play on the website. You can log on to your account and play on Fantage, it also has some Fantage games on there even if you do not have a Fantage account.

What website was fantage made on?

It is made on

Who is michelle1086?

Michelle1086 is a girl Avatar on a website called and me and my friend on fantage degrassi39850 Have A Website together its On on spotlight its called Fantage degrassi39850 and Michelle1086

How do you sign in Fantage?

1. To register onto Fantage go to the Fantage website (see related link below) then click new user. Then put in your password, username, and email etc. to log on. 2. If you want to log on to Fantage go to the Fantage website (see related link below) and click where it says username and password, type it in, and your on!

What actors and actresses appeared in The Alkie Brothers - 2011?

The cast of The Alkie Brothers - 2011 includes: Christopher Guckenberger as Ernie Michael Hasz as Rocky

What is a website for kids with avatars?

fantage! it has avatars and chat.

What website you get free ecoin on fantage age?

Is there a coller website like clubpenguin and Fantage?