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yes, all you half to do is #1 get your AR connoted to the computer and make sure the disk is in. #2 Go down in the P's and look for Pokemon Diamond #3 look at the AR list cheat items and you will find 999 shiny stones and put that code on there and you are good to go

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Q: Is there an action replay code for Pokemon Diamond to get 999 shiny stones?
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Code for 999 dawn stones?

It depends on what Pokemon game you have. If you have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl you need an action replay. If you have Pokemon Platinum, well you can't get 999 dawn stones unless you want to paste about 500 hours of your life! Anyway if you live in canberra, go to Game traders in Tuggeranong, they are only $50.

What is the action replay code for 999 Dawn stone for diamond?

I'm Guessing You Get 999 Dawn stones, Hence The name of the cheat.

How do you get shards turned into stones on platinum?

there is this guy in the sea at sunyshore city then you talk to him and he changes all the shards into stones or you can buy the NDS action replay ultimate code for Pokemon and get 999x stones of every kind

What Pokemon evolve with stones on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

It depends... What Pokemon is it? (Not that I know...)

Can you trade stones in Pokemon Diamond?

Only if you give them to a Pokemon and trade the Pokemon.

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon get evolved by stones?

you can evolve eevee and gloom

Where to get shiny stones in Pokemon diamond?

Iron Island

Dawn stones in Pokemon Emerald?

Dawn stones are only available in Diamond and Pearl.

How do you get evolvement stones on Pokemon diamond?

you occasionly find them underground

What do the dusk and dawn stones do in diamond?

evolve certain Pokemon

Location for all the stones in Pokemon diamond?

Just try going underground and you will keep finding stones.

Is there a place where you can trade shards for stones in Pokemon diamond?

Sadly, no. You can get stones in the underground. Just keep digging.