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It may sound unfair to people who are blonde but there is no girl that has blonde hair at the start but worry not if you have the last improvement of Nooks Cranny which is Nookingtons then there is a small section of the shop which turns into a hairdressers where a pink poodle styles your hair. I'm not sure what questions you ask the poodle to get blonde hair, your'll have to look it up on Google, hope this helped :) xxx

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โˆ™ 2010-08-29 22:34:47
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Q: How do you get the girl with blonde hair on animal crossing wild world?
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Is Animal Crossing a boy or a girl?

It is for either gender !

Is genji from Animal Crossing City Folk a girl?

no. He is a male

Citrus gingham on animal crossing wild world?

If you make another character a girl, you might enter your town wearing one.

What is Animal Crossing wild life?

Animal crossing wild world is a game where you play as a boy or girl, pay loans, update nooks cranny and to have fun with people you meet who live in the town. It's an addictive game and you can connect with friends!!

Is there a girl name Misty in Animal Crossing for Gamecube system?

I'm sorry no

When is the pave festival in Animal Crossing City Folk?

For Animal Crossing for the Wii, as far as 2011, he comes on March 5th, 2011. For more information about Animal Crossing's events, google or bing"Animal Crossing Calender". Pave is a girl, wait, he is not a girl. Even though he looks like one, talks like one, and dances like one, he is definitly NOT A GIRL.Hope this helped! Thanks for reading!

How do you get a pretty girl on Animal Crossing?

keep making her again and again until she is pritty!!!

Who wants the dace in Animal Crossing City Folk?

The fasion girl. monica or something

Why is there a little girl from a different town on animal crossing wild world?

She could be a wifi friend ir shes a vistow that mabye gives you rewards if you do something for her

Is Animal Crossing for girls only?

No, animal crossing is for kids of all genders, both boys and girls. A the beginning of the game, you will be asked whether you are a boy or a girl, so it is for boys and girls.

Can you be gay in animal crossing city folk?

Of Course Not You Can't Even Have A Boy/Girl Friend.

How can you get the girl with the sparkling eyes on animal crossing wild world?

If you go into the roost in the museum then there will occasionally be a cat called Rover and if you talk to him your facial features will change all the time.

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