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You cant get rid of them.

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Q: How do you get rid of moshlings?
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How do you get rid of moshlings in your room?

You can't get rid of moshlings after you said to keep them.

What happens if you get a new moshling and you already have 2?

you can keep it but you have to get rid of another one of your moshlings or you can keep your other moshlings and set it free.

How do you get rid of Roxy in Moshi Monsters?

If you are a Basic Member, when you attract a new moshling to your garden, you will have to choose which one to keep. Basic members can only have two moshlings in their house. Paid Moshi members can not get rid of moshlings. They may have an unlimited number of moshlings in their moshling zoo.

What are port moshlings?

port moshlings are moshlings that can only be found by members.there moshlings that are only attracted be seeds bought at the port.

What do you do when you want more moshlings but you already have two and you are not a member?

Non-members or free Basic Members may only have two moshlings. If you want a different moshling, you can attract a new one to your Moshling Garden and then choose to keep it and get rid of one of the others. Otherwise, the only way to have more Moshlings is to become a paid Moshi Member.

Do moshlings eat?

No, Moshlings do not need to be fed.

Can you sell moshlings?

No you cannot sell Moshlings.

What are the codes on the moshlings for?

They are so you can get moshlings for your room.

Where do sell moshlings?

you can't sell moshlings

Do you have to feed your moshlings?

No, you do not need to feed your moshlings.

How do you get master fart?

blablabla moshlings moshlings moshling

Can you feed moshlings?

No you cant you can feed monsters but not moshlings

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