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Q: How do you find the main treasure in the game aquagrabber on clam waters at club penguin?
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Where is the rare tresure on club penguin aqua grabber?

The rare treasure on aqua grabber is the black pearl on clam waters it is worth 50 coins. There you have it!

On club penguin the game aqua grabber where is the rare treasure in clam waters?

Here is a link to a video I created on Youtube that explains everything.

Where do you find the bait in clam waters for club penguin?

Bump the top of the cave to the left. A worm will fall if you bump hard enough

How do you find the bait or worm in clam waters?

it on the top right corner of the slepping clam

On clubpenguin how do you find the rare treasure in aqua grabber in soda seas?

Clam seas has not got a crab in to get rare treasure the rare treasure is in a small clam because i tryed this and there was no crab. Beleive me i tryed the old 1

Do clams live in shallow waters or deep waters?

freshwater clam's live in shallow water.

Where can you find the Clam Necklace on Club Penguin?

at the stage

On clubpenguin how do you find the rare treasure in aqua grabber in clam waters?

In aqua grabber you go down to the huge clam and get a rock that is the same shape as the pearl. Grab the rock and put it into the clam's mouth and then grab the pearl!! and to find the rock with a star...go to a small clam and wait above it until it sleeps. then once its mouth is all the way open you can GRAB it very quickly and you will automaticaly have it.

How to spot the squid in club penguin?

Go to Clam Waters and go right to the little passageway that leads to the giant clam. stay at the top of the passageway, without collecting any of the other pearls along the way, and it will appear. This is the easiest stamp to earn for aqua grabber if you know how to do it.

On Happy aquarium on Facebook is the clam supposed to give you a pearl a day?

No the clam is just like the treasure chest. It only looks different.

How do you spot the squid on club penguin?

Log into a server that has a name that is related to cold water. First you need to go into clam waters, then you have to go to the bottom, but don't go down the hole, next you wait.

Is there any cheats to win the aqua grabber time trials on club penguin?

Yes there are cheats. Instead of collecting all the pearls in Clam Waters, you can just go directly to the giant pearl, which you can get by placing the rock in the giant clams mouth and taking the pearl. In soda seas, just go get the purple thing. Simply, you only have to to get the main treasure.

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