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premye fwa ou gade li leve sou òdinatè a epi si w pa kapab jwenn li move

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Q: How do you connect sixteen dots with 6 lines and not lifting your pencil?
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How can you connect 9 dots without lifting your pencil with only 3 lines?

. . . . . . . . . like this type only in 3 lines.

Show diagram on how do you connect nine dots with four lines without lifting your pencil from the paper?

Hoped this helped!

How do you connect 9 dots with 3 straight lines and not lifting your pencil?

You need to extend the lines far beyond the box of dots. Your answer should look like a really tall and skinny N.

How do you connect eight dots with four lines without lifting up your pencil?

well think! You can be smart, you can use a electronic but u cant use ur brain

How do you connect six dots with four lines without lifting your pencil?

You can connect them pretty much any way you want if they aren't arranged in a specific pattern. Semantics can be invoked: get someone else to do it for you, use their pencil instead, or use a pen without lifting your pencil at all. If the dots are set in a pattern, you can draw a line from one point through another, extending until you can draw another line which goes through a further pair of points. Each remaining point can be linked by one of the remaining two lines.

How do you connect 4 by 4 spots without lifting up your pencil?

Go outside the box. The 45 degree angles pick up the dots below the corners, but you have to extend the other lines beyond the figure formed by the dots.

Can you draw a plus sign in a square without lifting your pencil or overlapping lines?

No. You can have at most two vertices where an odd number of lines meet. The required figure has four.

How do you solve the x in a box puzzle Where you have to make it look like there is an x in a box and you have to make that without lifting your pencil or going over previous lines. No curvy lines.?

I think it is impossible

How do you draw a square with four triangles surrounding it with a x in the square without lifting your pencil?

Its easy if you are allowed to retrace over one of your lines.- try it and see.

How do you connect nine lines with four dots without overlapping the lines and not lifting your pencil?

start at the bottom left hand corner and go straight up and over the top left hand corner then go horizontally down and even with the bottom right hand corner then go straight across the bottom to the bottom left hand corner and go horizontally to the top right hand corner

How can you tell if a graph is a continuous function or a discrete function?

The graph of a continuous function will not have any 'breaks' or 'gaps' in it. You can draw it without lifting your pencil or pen. The graph of a discrete function will just be a set of lines.

How do you you make a non right irregular triangle?

-- Take a blank paper and a pencil. -- Put the pencil down on the paper and, without lifting it, draw three straight lines that return you to the starting point. You have drawn a triangle. It is almost certain that the triangle you drew is not a right triangle, and that no two of its sides are equal.