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Here we go: First off, if you want 25 people to get 2 cups each, you will need a total of 50 cups of punch (25x2=50). Now, it looks like the basic recipe makes 10 cups of punch (3+7=10). You'll need to make 5 times the punch recipe to serve 25 people 2 cups each. That means you'll need 5x3=15 cups of punch mix and 5x7=35 cups of water. Don't forget the orange slices for garnish.

This may be true but coming from me. A kid the 3 cups of punch mix will not add any thing to the water. The punch mix will just disolve

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Q: You need 3 cups of punch for every 7 cups of water how many cups of mix will you need if you want to have 25 people get 2 cups each?
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