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If the meat of the chicken has gotten above 40°F for more than 2 hours, then it could make someone sick if they eat it.

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2009-01-06 19:25:10
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Q: You left a prepackaged frozen fully cooked chicken out overnight is it still good?
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Can cooked chicken be frozen?

I freeze my cooked chicken all the time. No problem. Thaw in fridge overnight or use the microwave to thaw and re-heat in one step.

Can you eat cooked chicken after you've frozen it?

What do you think that frozen cooked chicken in the supermarket is? It's cooked chicken which has been frozen. It's ok for you to do the same thing, assuming the chicken is not bad before you freeze it.

What is the taste difference between cooked fresh chicken versus cooked frozen chicken?

Fresh chicken is much juicier than frozen chicken.

What is the life of chicken once cooked and then frozen?

Last time I checked, a chicken isn't alive when its cooked or frozen.

Can you Eat frozen chicken once cooked in the oven?

You can if it was deep-frozen raw chicken which was defrosted and then thoroughly cooked in the oven. If the cooked chicken is then deep-frozen it can be defrosted (thawed) and eaten, but should not be deep-frozen a third time.

Can frozen chicken be cooked then refrozen?

Yes you can thaw frozen chicken, cook it and then freeze it again, you should not thaw frozen chicken and re freeze without cooking, or thaw cooked chicken and refreeze.

Can chicken be cooked from frozen?

yes ! :DD

Can you thaw frozen chicken and refridgerate overnight?

i am pretty sure. you can

Can frozen chicken soup be defrosted overnight on the stove?

Leave it in The Fridge You Chicken Wing ;)

Can you warm up frozen cooked chicken?

yes you can unfreeze frozen food that has been already cooked and eat it

Can previously frozen cooked chicken be refrozen?


Can you bake frozen chicken?

Baking a frozen chicken is not advisable, as the outside will likely char before the inside is fully cooked.

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