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Willard Scott.

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Q: Who was the first person to play Ronald McDonald?
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What is the opening lyrics for wacky adventure of Ronald McDonald?

Wake up, wake up! It's time to play Time to get going and see what we can play! Ronald: Morning Sundae! Sundae: Morning Ronald Gotta get ready to enjoy the view! Looking kind of cool! Looking kind of new! There are thing that we should be trying! Me and you! The new day is here and the fun is overdue! and blah blah blah blah blah blah.....

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NO. See the websites, below for locations that have a play place.

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yes, he also played in the "it's jake from state" commercial

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Was Ronald McDonald's a real person?

Ronald McDonald was created as a mascot by a McDonald's franchisee. The first person to play the mascot was Willard Scott.

What is the name of the actor who plays Ronald McDonald?

Willard Scott created Ronald McDonald and was the first person to play him, appearing in local commercials for Washington, D.C. area McDonald's. Kids (and the media) fell in love with the friendly clown-clad pitchman; thus his character quickly blossomed into the international enigma we all grew up adoring. Oficially, his first public appearance was in 1963 at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Scott based Ronald on Bozo the Clown, whom he played on the "Bozo the Clown Show", which was popular in New England when I was a youngster.

How do you play the McDonald's Video Game?

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Who plays Ronald McDonald in the McDonald's commercials?

Ronald McDonald has been played by several different actors on TV comercials: Willard Scott (1963-65) Bev Bergeron (1966-68) George Voorhis (1963) Bob Brandon (1970-75) King Moody (1975-1984) Squire Fridell (1984-1991) Jack Doepke (1990-1995) Joe Maggard (1995-2007) Brad Lennon (2007 to Present) In addition there are at least 100 actors who play Ronald McDonald in live appearances at McDonalds Restaraunts and other events around the world.

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