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Brainstorming is helpful because it can help you organize your ideas. It usually involves a person or group thinking about solutions to a problem and recording their thoughts on paper.

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Q: What the advantages of brainstorming?
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Advantages and disadvantages of brainstorming?

There are various advantages and disadvantaged associated with brainstorming. An advantage is that you can come up with good ideas. A negative is that it can take time.

What are the advantages of brainstorming?

Coming up with new ideas is often an advantageous thing. Brainstorming allows any idea to be accepted for later consideration, it leads to more possibilities to investigate when dealing with a problem.

2 sentences for the word brainstorming?


How do you use brainstorming as an adjective?

Brainstorming is most often a verb, as in "I was brainstorming ideas." Here are a couple of examples as an adjective.The brainstorming team came up with several new ideas.He was a brainstorming man.

The process of brainstorming involves?

the process of brainstorming invoves

What is group brainstorming?

Group brainstorming is where you are in a group and you all give ideas.

Were does the term brainstorming come from?

I think you should do a little brainstorming first.

What are some advantages of working in lab groups of three or more?

Some advantages to working in a larger lab group are:More ideasMore opportunities to testBetter brainstorming sessionsAbility to rely on othersLearn useful communication skills

Coming up with as many ideas as possible without judging whether or not the ideas are feasible is called?


Which is not apart of the prewriting process rough draft brainstorming outline or free writing.?


Is it necessary to use a graphic organizer for your brainstorming?

No it is not necessary to use graphic organizer for brainstorming.

If you are brainstorming many ideas you are probably in this phase of the writing process?

Literally, the brainstorming phase.

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