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The parent company Cox Enterprises owns the company Cox Cable, also known as Cox Communications. They provide services such as digital television, digital video recorder, on demand and high speed internet.

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Q: What parent company owns Cox Cable?
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You have directv and cox and there is no signal on cox but there is signal on directv?

cox cable is a cable company, Directv uses satellite. two different service providers.

Who owns cox cable?

Cox Enterprises is the successor to the publishing company founded in Dayton, Ohio, by James Middleton Cox, who began with the Dayton Daily News. He was the Democratic candidate for the President of the United States in the election of 1920.The company is private, 98 percent controlled by the nonagenarian daughter of Cox, Anne Cox Chambers, and the two children of her late sister Barbara Cox Anthony. The chairman is Anthony's son, James C. Kennedy.The company, now headquartered in Sandy Springs, owns newspapers, fifteen television stations, 86 radio stations, Cox Communications, Val-pak, Manheim and

What services does Cox Communications provide?

Cox Communications is a company that offers cable television services, as well as wireless telecommunications services. They are the third largest cable provider in the United States. Cox Communications is a leader in consumer communications. Cox offers cable service for internet, television and telephone. Cox is well established and has a high customer service rating.

What is the highest rated cable company for my area?

The highest rated cable company for my area is Cox Communications. But, this may be just a matter of opinion. Other cable companies are Direct TV and Brighthouse.

Is adult swim on cox cable?

Adult Swim Is On Channel 53 ( Cox Cable )

What service does Cox Business Services offer it's customers?

Cox Business Services or Cox Communications is a telecommunications company. Cox Communications offers a variety of services for its customers including cable television, internet, and phone service.

What channel is speed on for cox cable?

what channel is speed on Cox

What channel is much music on cox cable?

Channel lineups are specific to the provider and the area. You can contact your cable company or look at their website for accurate information.

What company provides your cable television service?

There are many companies that provide cable television service. Major companies include Comcast, Charter, and Cox.

How much would it cost to get Cox Cable?

Cox cable has several tv packages at various prices. Cox TV starter is at $21.00 and the Cox TV Economy at $34.99. And the Cox Essential is at $62.99.

What hi-definition channel is versus on cox cable?

Cox Cable OKC Metro FX HD is 753

What companies provide cable services for Cleveland, OH?

Some companies that provide service in cleveland ohio are cox communications, att uverse, and directv. There also is the classic cable company which provides local service (also does cox.)

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