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The average price of eating at a restaurant is usually about $55. From, Kendall Sellinger, age 11 It depends on 2 things, what state you live in, and the quality of the restaurant. A cheap restaurant per person, ranges anywhere from $8.00 - $14.00, a mid-range (i.e. Carrabba's") goes for about $15.00 - $24.00, and then you got high end (something unique to a city like Morton's of Chicago) would be about $25.00 - $75.00 per person. Hope this helps. YO

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Q: What is the average price of eating dinner at restaurant?
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What is the average price for dinner in Malta?

That depends on the restaurant and what you order.

How much does a roast beef dinner cost in a restaurant?

The price of a roast beef dinner will vary depending upon the restaurant. There is no set price and the price is determined by the type of roast beef dish that is being prepared.

Is eating out in a restaurant elastic?

yes,its price elastic

What is the average price of restaurant meal in Clearwater Florida?

The average price of a restaurant meal in Clearwater, Floria is $15. This will of course depend upon the type of restaurant you go to.

What is the average price of a restaurant meal in Ukraine?


How much is a dinner for one?

It depends which restaurant you are eating. For example: If a person goes to Pizza Hut, the price will be reasonable. But if you go to a five star hotel and order some food, the price may be more 5 times that of Pizza Hut!

What is good about eating at a buffet restaurant?

What I love about eating at a buffet is the ability to try different foods for one price. You pay one price and can eat all you want and if you dont like something you are able to get something new.

What is the average price of a lunch in Australia?

As in other places, the price of lunch in Australia can vary widely depending on location and other factors. Lunch at a fancy restaurant in Sydney might cost upward of $35, but you could also get a cheap fast food sandwich for about $2. On average, I'd guess the average price of a lunch at a non-fast-food restaurant in Australia would be around $10.

What the incentive of the restaurant?

to get price

What is the average price of a restaurant meal in the united kingdom?

Impossible to answer ! It depends on the 'class' of the restaurant, how many courses you have, whether you're having drinks with the meal, what type of cuisine it is... Far too many variables to even take a guess at a price !

What are the average prices for Champagne Cristal?

The average prices for Champagne Cristal are around $200. The price is around $200 if the champagne is purchased from a retailer of the champagne; however, if the champagne is purchased at a restaurant or bar the price would be higher.

What is the average cost of a nice meal in London England?

There is no average price. It can range from £5 in a worker's cafe to £200 in a top restaurant. Both meals could be 'nice'.

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