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The traditional "Case" of wine was 12 bottles with 6 bottles as a half case. Modern sales practice sees wine sold in 6's as a "Case".

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Q: What is a case of 12 bottles of wine called?
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How much wine in a box of wine?

A box of wine is usually called a case of wine and will hold 12 750mL bottles. A case of wine would be equal to 9 liters of wine total.

What is the size of an American case of wine?

The standard case is 12 bottles.

How many gallons in a case of wine?

2.38 gallons in a case of wine (12 pack/750ml bottles)

How many is in a case?

A case of wine usually contains 6 or 12 bottles.

Wine case size?

A case of wine usually contains 12 bottles. Most shops will offer a discount for buying a full case of the same wine.

How to convert 750 ml case of wine to a 9 liter equivelant case of wine?

Divide number of bottles by 12

How many liters in a case of wine?

A case of wine usually contains 12 bottles of wine and each bottle should contain 0.75 of a liter. Thus a case would contain 12 * 0.75 = 9 liters of wine.

Can a 5 liter box of wine substitute for a case of wine?

A 5 liter box of wine would give you 6.6 bottles of wine. Since a case is 12 bottles, one 5-liter box would not be enough. Buy 2 5-liter boxes of wine and you would have 13.2 bottles of wine....a little more than a case.

How tall is a wine bottle?

Generally 12 to 14 inches for modern wine bottles. Traditional wine bottles were 11-12 inches tall.

How many objects in a case?

That depends on what kind of object. For example, a case of wine is 12 bottles, but a case of beer is 24 cans, and there are several other.

What is the name for 12 bottles of wine?


How many bottles of wine for a wedding of 120?

12 bottles a case, 60 glasses a case. Figure about one drink per person per hour. I'd say four cases.

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