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Q: Value of 1982 cardinals world champions coke bottle?
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What is the world most expensive wine?

Penfolds 2004 is selling for 168,000 per bottle. Still a few left!

What is the value of a 1974 Mouton-Cadet Baron Rothschild?

Not much - Mouton Cadet is an every day table wine produced for consumption soon after it's release. It sells for around $6 to $9.00 per bottle when first released. Mouton Rothschild, on the other hand is a world famous 1st Growth Premier Grand Cru that usuallly sells for around $2- $300.00 when released.

What is the worlds oldest bottle of wine?

WORLD'S OLDEST BOTTLE of WINEUnearthed during excavation for building a house in a vineyard near the town of Speyer, Germany, it was inside one of two Roman stone sarcophaguses that were dug up. The bottle dates from approximately 325 A.D. and was found in 1867.The greenish-yellow glass amphora has handles formed in the shape of dolphins. One of several bottles discovered, it is the only one with the contents still preserved.The ancient liquid has much silty sediment. About one-third of the contents are a thicker, hazy mixture. This is most probably olive oil, which the Romans commonly used to "float" atop wine to preserve it from oxidation. Cork closures, although known to exist at the time, were quite uncommon. Their oil method of preservation was apparently effective enough to keep the wine from evaporation up to modern day.The bottle is on permanent display, along with other wine antiquities, at the Historisches Museum der Pfalz (History Museum of the Pfalz), which is worth a virtual visit or an actual one, if traveling near the area of Speyer, Germany.816 years is the oldest bottle, it is a Ode'Licious (Greek methologist term for Rose wines). It was sold for $100 000 000 in an auction in 1993 To Lord Arohl Ganster of West Yorkshire. Unfortunatley he recently died (2006) and the bottle has been passed down to his oldest Son Sir Yert Ganster. It has been reported that he is thinking about selling it to an anonomous Frenchman.

Did windows on the world restaurant atop the world trade center in nyc revolve?


How many Mc Donalds in the world?

There are approximately 34,000+ outlets of McDonald's in the world right now.

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What is the estimated value of a commemorative bottle of coca cola san fransisco 49ers 1984 world champions worth?

1984 world champions

Value of 1982 penn state world champions coke bottle?

Type your answer here... 500.00

What is the value of a 1982 World Series cardinals coke bottle with wrong score 7Th game?

Just wondering . . . . .

What is the value of a LP record of the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals world champions record with Harry Caray and Jack Buck?

$49 on ebay

What two teams are playing in the 2006 World Series?

The 2006 American League champions are the Detroit Tigers and the 2006 National League Champions are the St. Louis Cardinals. These two teams are playing in the 2006 World Series. Cardinals and Detroit -----Update: The Cardinals beat the Tigers 4 games to 1 to win the 2006 World Series.

What is the value of a 1982 Cardinals World Series plaque?

A 1982 St. Louis Cardinals World Series plaque can be purchased for about $40. The value may vary depending on the condition.

How much is a 1982 World Series St. Louis Cardinals coke bottle worth?


What is the value 1983 orioles world champions coke bottles?

15. Dollard

World Series champions 2006?

World Series Chamions St. Louis CardinalsThe St. Louis Cardinals beat the Detroit Tigers in the 2006 World Series.

Value of 1982 World Series ring of 1982 World Series ring?

what is the value of a 1982 St louis Cardinals world series ring

Who is the defending Major League World Series Champions?

The St. Louis Cardinals, who defeated the Texas Rangers four games to three in the 2011 World Series.

What is value of chuck tanner signed baseball stating 1979 World Series champions?


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