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The general rule of thumb is you can eat the food after its packaging date if it was frozen before that date and defrosted later.

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Q: Should you eat chicken after its packaging date?
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Is it dangerous to eat chicken where packaging is left on?

it probably is because if it still has packaging on then it is probably raw.

Should you eat chicken after its sell by date defrosted for two days?

I wouldn't.

Should you eat chicken 15 days after the expiration date?

You shouldn't, I wouldn't test it.

Is cream of chicken soup safe to eat after expiration date?

How long after the expiration date can you eat cream of chicken soup

Is it safe to eat chicken after the use by date?

It is not safe to eat chicken after its expiry date. Chicken is one of the food which can germs spread quickly. If you eat any food that is moulded you can get food poisoning.

Can you eat chicken after the use by date?

it depends what condition its in

How much chicken should you eat?

you should eat all the chicken in the world because it tastes good

Can leopard geckos eat chicken?

Leopard geckos should not eat chicken.

Should you eat chicken tonight?

no because i don't want to get and eat chicken.

Should you eat chicken after its best before date?

The "Best Before" would be a freshness/taste date and not an expiration date. Even expiration dates have a margin of safety built in.

Is it safe to heat honey that is out of date?

Yes. It is safe to heat and eat honey that shows an expired date on the commercial packaging.

Is it ok to eat chicken kievs 6 months out of date but kept in freezer?

Yes, it will be fine to eat chicken Kiev's that are out of date. As long as the food was put in the freezer before the expiration date they can be eaten.

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