Restaurant jobs for 17 year olds?

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Waitress, busboy/girl, counter help, cashier.

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Q: Restaurant jobs for 17 year olds?
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Related questions

Sacramento jobs for 17 year olds?

There are many jobs in Sacramento that a 17 year old can get. Some examples are, washing dishes, working at a theater or retail store, or as a host in a restaurant.

Jobs for 17 year olds in west Michigan?

For 17 year olds would probably be a better part time job. Pet shop, Animal clinic, Restaurant, Shopping stores...etc

Where can a 17-year-old find a good paying job in US state Massachusetts?

A 17 year old who lives in Massachusetts may find good paying jobs, including being a server in a restaurant. 17 year olds may also find good jobs as babysitters, because they can decide what they charge.

What are some jobs for 17 year olds?

Seventeen year olds can get jobs many places. Fast food, the mall, grocery stores, and local amusement parks are good jobs for a teen.

What are good jobs for 17- year- olds?

Bagboy, runner, hopper, waiter,

What kind of jobs can a 17-year-old girl get?

A 17 year old can actually be eligible to work different types of job's. For example, they can waitress/waiter, dishwasher in restaurant, fast food, the mall usually hires 17 year olds, farms, and they can mow/shovel for family and friends.

Are there any jobs available for a 17 year old?

Of course there are jobs for seventeen year olds. Im 16 and I got hired at a grocery store.

Are there any jobs for 17 year olds in Southern California?

You can work in a movie theater, at Marshalls, at fast food restaurants or a hostess in a regular restaurant. You can also usually work at most stores in a mall.

What are some of the top paying jobs for 17 year olds?

babysitting working at drinks and food places

When 17 years old do you still only make minimum wage in Florida?

The majority of jobs for 17-year olds pay minimum wage in Florida, but there are some jobs which will pay more.

How old do you have to be to work at Winco?

16 and 17 year olds can apply for a couple of jobs, but the majority of positions require you to be 18.

Are there any jobs for male 17 year olds in Spokane WA?

There are many different jobs one could find for a male 17 year old in Spokane, WA. You could work in a number of fast food restaurants.

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