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Subway has the potential to be healthier than McDonald's. If a person orders a vegetarian sub with no dressings it is considered healthier than McDonald's burgers for example.

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Q: Is subway healthier than McDonald's
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Does subway own McDonald's?

No. Mcdonalds is owned by Mcdonalds Corporation while Subway (Restaurant) is owned by Doctor's Associates If own is used in the context of "better than", yes as Subway is much more healthier than Mcdonalds. Also, there are more Subway chains than Mcdonald resteraunts.

Is in and out burgers healthier than Mcdonalds?

Yes in and out is healtier

Is McDonald's healthier than dominos pizza?

yes yes is it. mcdonalds very much healthier than dominos pizza

Is subway healthier then McDonald's?

Yes McDonalds is just a lot of processed foods, and the workers use their oils without changing them often. While subway has fresh ingredients right before your eyes

Who makes more money subway or Mcdonalds?


Is the Burger King meat healthier and more sanitized than McDonalds?


Is Wendy's healthier than McDonalds?

Yes, McDonald's is generally healthier as their Sandwiches have less fat and less sodium than Wendy's. McDonald's also has a greater range of healthier salads and wraps.

Who has the most establishments subway or McDonald's?


What is the biggest fast food company in the world?

It used to be McDonalds but now its Subway (i prefer McDonalds)

Is subway a healthy fast food place?

Its a lot healthier than most fast food, but it really depends on what you get and how often.

What are healthier options to McDonalds fries?

Some healthier options are roasted chopped up potatoes and baked potatoes!

What fast food chains are the best?

I would have to say 'Wendy's' because they are healthier than 'McDonalds' but that is just some peoples opinions.

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