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Meat will always weigh the same whether thawed or frozen. This is will hold true unless the water from the meat will be drained during the thawing process. It will then weigh lighter than its frozen state.

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Think about what you just said. First meat always weigh the same - Once the meat is thawed it would be lighter. That would mean it weighs more when it's frozen.
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Q: Is meat heavier when it is frozen than when it is thawed?
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Does frozen meat weigh heavier than thawed?

No. Whether the meat is frozen or thawed, the same amount of matter is still there. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed, therefore the weight of the meat will stay the same no matter what the consistency.

Are frozen foods heavier than thawed foods?

No. A frozen food item will have the same mass as when it is thawed.

Can frozen meat be frozen again?

No, frozen is frozen. But you can refreeze something that has been thawed. You can refreeze thawed meat long as there are still ice crystals on it. Once completely thawed then you need to cook it first then refreeze. This applies to solid pieces only, ground meat once more than half thawed needs to be cooked first then refrozen always.

Does frozen meat weigh more than thawed meat?

Because thawing will actually damage cell wall, juice will leak from the thawed meat cells. It is because of the fluid loss that would make the thawed meat weigh less.

Can thawed beef liver be refrozen?

NO meat products should be refrozen , once thawed it should be cooked immediately, then it may be refrozen , as long as when it was frozen the first time it stayed frozen for not much longer than 6 months. This is the recommended time limit for most frozen meat products.

Where should frozen foods be thawed?

Frozen foods are best thawed in the refrigerator, although it takes longer to thaw than when you set it out on the counter. You can also place the meat in its packaging in cold water to thaw, changing the water every 30 minutes until it is thawed.

It it safe to cook beef that has been frozen then thawed then frozen again?

If it was handled and packaged properly, was safe before originally frozen, was thawed under refrigeration and re-frozen without allowing the thawed meat to become contaminiated or to go bad, it could be safe. It probably won't taste as good or might be drier and tougher than if it had not gone through an extra freeze-thaw cycle.

Can you eat a egg after it has been frozen than thawed?


How long vacuum sealed hamburger frozen?

Vacuum sealed hamburger meat that is frozen can last 2 to 3 months. When it is thawed, it shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator more than a couple days.

Does a frozen golf ball thawed out go farther than a non frozen golf ball?


Do you need to defrost a frozen lasagna?

Not necessarily. It could be cooked from frozen. It will take longer than if it were thawed.

Can you refreeze already thawed meat?

Frozen food defrosted or thawed in the refrigerator may be refrozen. However, the bacteria in food can multiply even at low temperatures. Refrigerating food will not stop bacterial growth: just slow it. So do not refreeze food that has be defrosted for some time even if it has been refrigerated the whole time. Freezing meat will cause a loss of quality as the ice crystals break cell walls. Freezing, defrosting and refreezing will make this loss of quality much greater, so be aware that refrozen meat (cooked or raw) will be of lower quality than once frozen meat. Also remember that freezing does not kill off the bacteria, so bacterial growth will pick up again once thawed. It may be better to freeze the thawed meat after it has been cooked. Refreezing meat isn't a good idea. But if you must, the meat should not have been old the first time it was frozen, it should have been thawed under refrigeration and then frozen again shortly after being thawed. Realize that the quality of the meat will be negatively affected. The flavor will likely degrade and the meat will be drier and tougher when cooked.

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Does frozen meat weigh heavier than thawed?

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