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Q: If nutrition facts on packaged foods say 24 grams of carbs and 10 grams of sugar is that actually a total of 34 grams of each?
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What are the nutrition facts about corona light?

105 calories, 5g carbs.

Did Nutrition Facts became mandatory for most packaged foods in 1994?

Most of them did, yes.

The Nutrition Facts panel on packaged food tells you?

The serving size and how much calories per serving.

What are the nutrition facts about a stick of butter?

Nutrition summary:Calories 810Fat91.65gCarbs0.07gProtein0.96gThere are 810 calories in 1 stick of Butter.Calorie breakdown: 99% fat, 0% carbs, 1% protein

How many carbs are there in one svg of blue cheese dressing?

Look at the Nutrition Facts box located on the back of the bottle. It tells you there.

What nutrients is found in butter?

I'm not sure.. If you want, you can check the side of a butter container and look at the nutrition facts.. that should help!

How many carbs are in a. grilled cheese sandwich?

It really depends on the bread and cheese you use, and if you add anything else to it. Check your cheese package and bread nutrition facts, and check the nutrition facts on anything extra. Of course, you also might want to add in a few extra carbs due to the butter or cooking oil that you use on the griddle.

Why do you think the US government requires a nutrition facts label on packaged foods?

so people know what they are putting into there body's. I guess that could be one reason why.

Where can I find the cantaloupe nutrition facts?

A lot of websites online have great in depth nutrition facts about cantaloupes, but the following website stood out as containing a lot of good information: It actually lists in a table the nutrition facts of cantaloupes and the health benefits.

What kind of foods do not require a nutrition facts label?

Fresh food packaged in store/on site. Anything in-store has preservatives and requires an fda label.

Are nutrition facts a physical property?

Nutrition facts is chemical composition of a food.

Where can I find a mcdonalds nutrition calculator online?

You could always go online they actually have a nutrition fact sheet on there website at They also have nutrition facts on the back of the tray paper.

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