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15 bottles

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Q: How much wine for 30 people?
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How much wine and beer should you buy for a wedding of 125 people?

It depends on how many people will drink wine or beer. If everybody drinks wine, then you will need to buy 25 - 30 bottles, 4 - 5 people per bottle. For beer, it is a bottle per person.

How many bottles of wine per 30 people?

Rule of thumb regarding wine is one bottle per two guests. If you're expecting 30 people, plan to have 15 bottles.

How much wine do you need for 60 people?

Two cases of wine (24 bottles) would provide each guest two glasses of wine.

What do people use a wine journal for?

People use wine journals basically for keeping track of the wine that they drink. This is in order to remember things such as the price, flavor, color, and how much the person liked it.

How many bottles of wine will serve 30 people?

Approximatly 8 would serve 32 glasses

When did River of Wine end?

River of Wine ended on 2011-09-30.

What do the Spain people drink with their meals?

Pretty much what we drink + more wine

Why do people buy wine?

So people can drink wine.

How many glasses of wine in a 5L bottle?

There are about 30 servings of wine in a 5L bottle.

What are the release dates for 30 Minute Meals - 2001 30 Minute Wine and Dine?

30 Minute Meals - 2001 30 Minute Wine and Dine was released on: USA: 9 September 2006

How much wine do you order for a party of 120 people?

60 bottles should be fine.

Do people still walk on grapes to make their wine?

Not really. Some places have this for tourist who visit, but wine making is much more modern and complicated.

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