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If beef is frozen in the proper way; wrapped or put in an airtight container, it will stay good for up to 2 years in the freezer.

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Q: How long will frozen beef keep and still be tasty and safe to eat when defrosted?
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Can beef stew be frozen?

Yes it can be frozen and is rather tasty the second time around. Let it cool completely then put it in an air tight container.

Where should frozen foods be defrosted?

Frozen foods are best defrosted in the refrigerator, for quality. Cold running water will also work well, except for the waste of water. However, a microwave oven, or some aluminum plate devices, will work for meats such as pork or beef.

Are cows tasty?

Properly prepared beef is quite tasty.

How long is frozen corn beef good for?

how long can a corn beef roast be frozen

How long can a beef roast be left in the refrigerator after it has defrosted?

Up to 5 days.

What is the meat of cows called?

Tasty, beef in English.

What about beef that has been defrosted and refrozen in the freezer?

If you are asking if it OK to use, you will have to make that decision. You know how the meat was handled, stored, defrosted and refrozen. If you have doubts about its safety, throw it out.

Can can corned beef be frozen?


If corn beef has been frozen for 2 years is it still good?

Microbiologically speaking, if it was OK when frozen, it should be OK now. Flavor may be a different story.

Where can one purchase frozen beef wellingtons?

There are many places that one can purchase frozen beef wellingtons. One place is the Kansas City Steak Company. Another place to buy frozen beef wellingtons is from Cotsco.

Can you eat beef that has been frozen for 1 year?

Yes, beef can be frozen for a considerable time and still be edible. However, it must have been frozen quickly, thoroughly, and consistently. If you are in an area with frequent power failures, you might have to assume the beef was not frozen consistently. Partial thawing and refreezing will yield cell destruction and growth of very problematic bacteria. Excellent wrapping is also essential for long-term freezing. After a year, poorly wrapped beef will be dry and icky.

Is frozen beef left to defrost on counter still good to cook?

Yes, unless it has been there for a long time . If it still smells right it is ok.

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