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how can the government assist McDonalds in their business initiative how can the government assist McDonalds in their business initiative

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Q: How could government assist McDonald in the business initiative?
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How does government assist business?

The become bosses. :D

How government assist business?

Mainly by giving them tax breaks.

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The vice president is in charge of administering the day to day business of the government. A special committee may be set up to assist the vice president in running government business.

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How do you find the McDonald's nutrition menu?

The McDonald's nutrition menu is posted in McDonald's restaurants. The purpose of posting the nutrition menu was to assist people by helping them to know what they are eating.

How information system assist in business planning?

Information systems assist in business planning because they store information and analyze it. They also assist with making decisions and business processes.

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One federal resource that can assist small business owners is the U.S. Small Business Administration

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