Does subway own McDonald's

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No. Mcdonalds is owned by Mcdonalds Corporation while Subway (Restaurant) is owned by Doctor's Associates

If own is used in the context of "better than", yes as Subway is much more healthier than Mcdonalds. Also, there are more Subway chains than Mcdonald resteraunts.

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Q: Does subway own McDonald's
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Who makes more money subway or Mcdonalds?


Who has the most establishments subway or McDonald's?


What is the biggest fast food company in the world?

It used to be McDonalds but now its Subway (i prefer McDonalds)

Who has the most restaurants worldwide?

Subway has eclipsed McDonalds as the largest restaurant chain in individual outlets. Subway has 33,749 while McDonalds has 32K something. I just saw this answer on the local 12 news in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What is the most popular fast food restaurant in the world?

McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and Subway.

How many franchises does the Subway food chain have?

Subway has over 33,749 franchises. Subway now beats McDonalds in having more franchises. Subway is the largest food chain in the world, with over 600 in the Los Angeles area alone.

Can you give 1 slogan on food?

Subway - Eat fresh, Or Mcdonalds - Lovin' it. Hope this helps :)

What are the popular resteruants in iceland?

Subway, KFC, Metro(new Mcdonalds), pizza hutt, dominos.

Do people prefer McDonald's or subway?

This is all a matter of opinion and would depend on the person. Subway is more of a sandwich chain, while McDonalds is famous for their hamburgers.

Which one is more healthy for you Subway or McDonald's?

Of course it is Subway, they have fresh salad, that they prepare everyday. Mcdonalds is a fat food takeway that don't have a great selection of vegetables.

Where can 14 yr olds work?

14 year olds can work at Cousin Subs, Mcdonalds, subway

Does McDonald's own subway?

Mc Vomit does not own subway. As a matter of fact subway recently surpassed Mc Pukes as America's largest fast food chain.

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