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No because if u try to freeze it again you will get freezer burn on ur chicken

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Q: Can you take raw frozen chicken cook and re freeze cooked then freeze again?
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Can frozen chicken be cooked then refrozen?

Yes you can thaw frozen chicken, cook it and then freeze it again, you should not thaw frozen chicken and re freeze without cooking, or thaw cooked chicken and refreeze.

Can defrosted chicken get frozen again?

Once chicken has completed defrosted, it should not be frozen again. It is best to cook the chicken and then you can freeze it.

Can a leftover cooked smoked ham that has not been previously frozen be frozen?

Yes, you can safely freeze ham after it has been cooked. After thawing the same frozen cooked ham, it is unsafe to freeze it again.

How long will chicken and dumplings stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Because dumplings are cooked with the chicken and broth then on the third day it should be thrown out. If you don't feel you will be eating it again after your first meal of it, put it in Glad Bags or a container and freeze. Frozen meat that has been thoroughly cooked can be frozen again. 'When in doubt, throw it out!'

Can frozen raw hamburger be thawed then frozen again and cooked?

No, definitely and absolutely not! It's a recipe for food poisoning.If frozen meat has thawed you can freeze it again AFTERit has been properly cooked. When the cooked meat is thawed, it must not be frozen again. It is just too risky.

Can you freeze meat then defrost it and cook it?

Yes, you can freeze meat, defrost and cook it. Once it is cooked, it can be frozen again.

Can a chicken pot pie be frozen after it is baked?

no, its already precooked and now you have cooked it again. After the second cooking it is not meant to be frozen again.

Is it safe to eat a chicken that has been cooked frozen defrosted and cooked again?

yes because you are only saving the chicken for left overs.

Can hamburger that has been thawed can it be frozen again if cooked?

Yes, it can be frozen. Cooked meat is best stored in the freezer. Place the food in an airtight container or freezer bags and freeze.

Can you recook cooked chicken which has been frozen?

of course its frozen i mean you can heat it up but you can put it in grease again if its already fried Mabey re-heat but you can't cook a chicken that has allready been cooked!!

Can baked chicken be frozen thawed out and frozen again?

When freezing you should try to only thaw out once. After that heat up and eat it! If you are cooking raw food from frozen, perhaps thawing first, perhaps cooking from frozen; then you could freeze the meal once it has been cooked properly. After this again only thaw it out once.

How long can you keep cooked shrimp frozen?

Actually, you aren't supposed to cook food then freeze it again. It will say on the packet that you got it from.

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