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Yes. It is preferable over trying to refreeze raw thawed chicken.

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Q: Can you refreeze defrosted chicken once its cooked?
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Can you refreeze chicken once it is cooked?

Yes, you can refreeze cooked chicken one time after it is cooked.

Can you refreeze a defrosted uncooked turkey breast?

You cannot refreeze an uncooked turkey breast once it is defrosted. You can freeze the turkey once it is cooked for 2-6 months.

Can you refreeze anything?

Once thawed or defrosted, food or beverage must be cooked or consumed within a few hours.

Can you Eat frozen chicken once cooked in the oven?

You can if it was deep-frozen raw chicken which was defrosted and then thoroughly cooked in the oven. If the cooked chicken is then deep-frozen it can be defrosted (thawed) and eaten, but should not be deep-frozen a third time.

Can you refreeze meat after defrosted not cooked?

You definitely should not refreeze meat. once the temp drops any bacteria in the package begins to multiply. Cook it within 24 to 48 hours and that is only if it was defrosted in the refrigerator. If you defrosted it at room temp you have to cook it right away or throw it out.

Can you freeze bacon once it has defrosted if it has not been cooked?

No you should never refreeze any uncooked food. You can cook the bacon and then freeze it.

Can you refreeze haggis after defrosting?

It is not wise to refreeze anything once it has been defrosted - especially if it contains meat products.

Can you refreeze cooked sausage?

You cannot refreeze cooked sausage. This is because the meat will not maintain its integrity once it has been cooked.

Can you refreeze liver once cooked?

can you re freeze liver once it is cooked

Can you refreeze cooked beef brisket once you take it out of the freezer?

No, it isn't safe to refreeze cooked foods.

How long can defrosted chicken be left out?

Chicken should be defrosted under refridgeration and once defrosted removed only to prepare for cooking.

How long can you freeze ham?

As long as you need it to be frozen, but once it has defrosted you shouldn't refreeze it.

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