Can defrosted chicken get frozen again?

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Once chicken has completed defrosted, it should not be frozen again. It is best to cook the chicken and then you can freeze it.

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Q: Can defrosted chicken get frozen again?
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Can you Eat frozen chicken once cooked in the oven?

You can if it was deep-frozen raw chicken which was defrosted and then thoroughly cooked in the oven. If the cooked chicken is then deep-frozen it can be defrosted (thawed) and eaten, but should not be deep-frozen a third time.

Is it safe to eat a chicken that has been cooked frozen defrosted and cooked again?

yes because you are only saving the chicken for left overs.

Can fresh fish be frozen defrosted cooked and then frozen again?


Can frozen chicken soup be defrosted overnight on the stove?

Leave it in The Fridge You Chicken Wing ;)

How do you grill frozen chicken breasts?

you dont - chicken must be thoroughly defrosted befor cooking

Can chicken that been frozen and defrosted be defrosted and cooked?

If you are asking "Can chicken that has been frozen be defrosted and cooked?" then the answer is yes. If you are asking if chicken that has been frozen, defrosted, refrozen and defrosted again can be cooked than the answer is yes but it's not safe. When you freeze food water crystals expand and damage cells. When you defrost your food, particularly if you leave it on the counter instead of in the fridge bacteria causing microorganisms have the chance to multiple. When you then refreeze it even larger ice crystals are formed destroying even more cell membranes. After this you defrost it again and the microorganisms from before can double. Usually at this point the meat doesn't look or smell so great.

Should raw chicken drumstricks that were purchased frozen be defrosted before cooking?

no but it cooks faster if it is it would and it is easier to work with defrosted

Can you eat defrosted cooked chicken cold or does it have to be heated?

Properly cooked chicken which has been properly frozen and properly defrosted is perfectly fine to eat. It can be heated or not, as the user prefers.

Can you eat chicken that was cooked and frozen but defrosted and left out on the counter all night?


Can defrosted raw meat be frozen again?

It can but it's not recommended, best to use it.

Can you cook frozen chicken in a presser cooker?

No! It must be defrosted first. Note: ("presser" is spelled "pressure").

Can you reheat frozen tomato sauce and then save leftovers?

no once defrosted it cannot be frozen again i would eat it within 24hrs.

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