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Q: Advantages and disadvantages of evaporated milk?
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Related questions

Can you substitute pet milk for evaporated milk?

"Pet" is a brand of evaporated milk. Pet evaporated milk may be used in any recipe calling for evaporated milk.

How do you substitute milk for evaporated milk?

buy evaporated milk instead

Is whole milk richer than evaporated milk?

no. Evaporated milk is richer.

What does evaporated mean in evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk means milk with some of the water removed by evaporation to concentrate and thicken it.

Can you freeze evaporated milk?

Evaporated milk can be frozen but it is not really recommended as it does tend to be rather watery when it is defrosted.

Can whole milk be substituted for evaporated milk?

No. Whole milk has a thinner consistency than evaporated milk.

How do you substitute evaporated milk for regular milk in baking?

In theory, if you mix the can of evaporated milk with an equal amount of water, you have conventional milk, as evaporated milk is milk with 1/2 of the water removed.

How do you substitute evaporated milk for whole milk?

use equal parts evaporated milk and water

How do you use evaporated milk instead of regular milk in cakes?

Evaporated milk can be used as a direct substitute for regular milk, producing a somewhat richer cake. OR, evaporated milk can be thinned with water to the consistency of regular milk, following the instructions on the evaporated milk container.

Is sego milk condensed or evaporated?


Does evaporated milk have calcium?

Yes, evaporated milk is a good source of calcium.

What is the difference between canned and evaporated milk?

evaporated milk is canned but canned milk can be different types of milk, condensed or whole milk for example. usually when a recipe calls for canned milk , it means evaporated milk.

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