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Not sing cause you probably suck

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Q: You cant hit high notes when you sing what should you do?
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What song should you sing if you can reach the high notes?

you should sing baby come on push your babys almost out!

What song should I sing If i am entering a contest i can reach some high notes what song should i sing?

take me on by Aha! Play some Ah-ha! It's called Take On Me. Walking On Air by Kerli. It has lots of high notes and is a very good song to sing. i think you should sing all of the stars

What are songs to sing for adutitions and with and untrained voice?

the best songs to sing are the ones that you know you can sing well. if you know that you can't hit high notes then chose a song that doesn't have high notes in it. but if you know you can sing high notes, go for it!

Why do a lot of people sing bass or alto in church and you want to sing but cant cause your a first soprano what to do cause everyone cracks on the high notes and you dont should you sing or not?

If you can hit the notes, then definitely sing. And be proud that you can sing first soprano. That's an awesome position to be in in a choir. loads better than a boring bass, tenor or alto that just get drowned out by the rest of the choir.

Can most people sing high notes or low notes?

people can sing both high and low notes like Katy perry or Justin bieber for examples

What is the difference between second soprano and first soprano?

Second Soprano: Should be able to hit notes close to a high c. Sing higher then the altos. Have a sweet voice, altos usually have low talking voices. First Soprano: Are to hit the highest notes above a high c. Should be able to sing and hold high notes.

Who sing the high notes in little mix?

its perrie

Will Justin Bieber stop singing because he broke his voice?

no he will not because has a great vocal coach, he cant sing some of the high notes though

How do you sing really nice?

keep practicing easy songs and carry on until your confidant, then you can move on to harder songs or if your young then you cant really sing really high notes but you can still practise


when you learn the notes you sig than that is very important because that is how you will know when you have to sing high or low so notes when you sing are very important.

Is Justin Bieber still singing?

well the decsion is not chosen because the only thing wrong with him is that he cant sing high notes but the decsion has not been decided

Can you teach yourself to sing high notes like Mariah Carey?

No. Mariah is said to have a five octave range. Chances are you don't. Most average people are lucky if they have three. If you don't have the range you cannot sing those high notes. Maybe you can sing a lower version of the notes and practice singing them that way. If you can hit the high notes then sing along with her songs and practice that way. Maybe you can hit the high notes like the ones in the song Emotions and in that case practice with the music until you can sing it without music. BTW, I have never met any adults that can hit those high notes and on pitch.

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