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Justin Bieber and Jasmine V are kissing in the car because they like each other of course,and by the way Justin Bieber was kissing with Jasmine V also because he did a video with her so don't judge them guy's Justin is a great person! p.s.:Justin Bieber is HOT!

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โˆ™ 2010-11-28 04:40:58
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Q: Why were Jasmine V and Justin Bieber kissing in the car?
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Did Justin bieber and jasmine kissing in a car?

yes!he kissed jasmine in back of the car jasmine actually kiss him he didnt kiss her he was on his tour( if your a Justin bieber fan and your heart broken i know what it feels like becasue im a Justin bieber fan)(i hope i meet him one day)

Are Jasmine Villegas and Justin Bieber related?

No she isn't . She was the girl in Justin Bieber's video ''Baby'' they were also kissing in a car but they never admitted that they were together ( that was before Selena became Justin's girlfriend)

How may girfrien Justin Bieber had?

he has 3 caitlin beadles is the most famous but he was caught kissing jasmine villages in the back of a car by tourests. hmm... who knows

Did Justin bieber makeout with a girl in the back seat of his car?

Yep, photos taken by a holiday maker recently emerged of Justin kissing teen singer Jasmine Villegas in the back seat of a car. Must of been awkward with the driver there...

Who was the girl Justin bieber was caught making out with in the back seat of a car?

It Was Jasmine Villegas

Did Justin Bieber kiss jessica jarrel?

NO, they didn't but him and Jasmine V. did in the baby video and in a car.

Who is the girl in Justin Bieber baby?

Jasmine Villegas was the main girl who was in the Most Popular Music Video, "Baby". Jasmine Villegas, was the girl who featured with Justin Bieber, and they soon began to date after being busted smooching in a back of a car.

Has Justin Bieber had an accident?

no Justin bieber has not had a car accident

Did Justin bieber and jessica jarell?

They are JUST friends but him and Jasmine V. kissed in the baby video and in a car. PROOF: watch barbra walters interview with him.

How long have jasmine v and Justin bieber been together?

they were never together. she opened for him on his My World tour in 2010 and half of 2011. in Hawaii of last year, they were spotted kissing in the back of a car. But they are nothing more then friends. he is now in a comitted relationship with Selena Gomez.

What is Justin Bieber's car called?

The Bieber-Mobile.

Did Justin Bieber get Ryan butler a car for Christmas 2011?

Yes. Justin Bieber did get Ryan Butler a car.

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