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I think music lessons should be banned in schools as schools musoc tests are very hard such as articulating etc. And sometimes they stay up the whole night to stufy for the test and forget to do HW.......

That's WHY

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2012-02-18 14:32:00
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Q: Why should music lessons in school be banned?
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Where to go to take guitar lessons?

Music store/school

Where do we go to take guitars lessons?

Music store/school

What was ella Fitzgeralds education?

piano lessons, public school music system, and high school music courses

where can I find some good music class lessons for my children in Detroit,Mi?

There are many ways to research this. You can research schools for music or you could talk to your childs music teacher and see if the school they are attending offers music lessons after school.

How can you use band and banned in a same sentences?

The band was playing music that they were banned from singing at school.

Should students be allowed to bring phones in to school?

yes as they dont normally interfere with lessons and we could listen to music as we work

Where can i find information on music schools?

You can find a music school directory with a list of music schools. Or if you just want music lessons most colleges offer music lessons where you get a certain amount of sessions for a fee.

Where should I look to find music theory lessons for my child?

You should look to find music theory lessons for your child by hiring a personal music teacher with a degree in music theory, or that have at least taken music theory classes.

What education did Ella Fitzgerald have?

piano lessons and a high school course of music.

Is it true that when you are in secondary school you learn how to play piano?

It depends what school you go to in what country, most schools have music teachers that will be able to teach you the piano, and the majority of schools have music lessons were you should be taught the basics of the piano and how to read music. I hope this helps :)

Where can one get jazz guitar lessons?

Many music stores offer music lessons for a fee. There are also many former high school music students who will give lessons. If neither of these is available, however, there are videos on YouTube that will teach you to play a jazz guitar.

What school of music offers the best violin program for young adults?

The Chicago Center School of Music offers private music lessons for adults, kids and teens, programs for young children, electronic music classes, and more. We offer unique programs in piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons and vocal training, bass ... Makes a great gift for a friend, special someone, parent or child.

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