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The wood elves capture the dwarves for trespassing in their lands without permission. They would have captured Bilbo too, if not for the fact that he was wearing a magical ring that made him invisible.

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Q: Why do the wood elves capture the dwarves and not Bilbo in ''The Hobbit'?
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Why do the wood-elves capture the dwarves and not Bilbo?

Bilbo slipped on the ring and was invisible.

Who was the first hobbit to break tradition by mingling with elves and dwarves?

Bilbo Baggins

What are the names of Hobbits in the Hobbit?

Bilbo Baggins is the only hobbit in the Hobbit. The rest of the main characters are dwarves, wizards, men, elves, and a dragon.

Are the dwarves imprisoned in 'The Hobbit' Chapter 9?

Yes, but Bilbo was not. He used his ring to disappear. The guards took the dwarves to the king's prison. Bilbo helped them escape.

How did they escape the palace in 'The Hobbit'?

Bilbo put the dwarves in barrels that the elves dropped into the river to float back to Laketown, where they were reused to ship food and items back to the elves.

Who are the elves enemies in The Hobbit?

it was the dwarves in from the cut

How does Biblo Bagins from The Hobbit get separated from the dwarves?

It occurs on several occasions. In the mountain being chased by the goblins, he falls and is knocked out and the goblins overlook him. In Mirkwood, the spiders capture them and Bilbo has to rescue them. Again, the Elves capture the party and Bilbo escapes, partially due to his small size and his magic ring.

What was the different reaction to Rivendell by Bilbo and the Dwarves?

Bilbo was enchanted by the opportunity to spend time with the elves. The Dwarves were suspicious of elves, always had been. the Dwarves were also mad at the Elves when they first entered Rivendell because the Elves were making fun of their beards.

How does Bilbo Baggins use the ring against the wood elves in The Hobbit?

Bilbo wears the One Ring and becomes invisible to avoid capture by the wood elves. Then he infiltrates their fortress and roams around all the while being invisible with help of the Ring. Then he uses the Ring to help the captivated Dwarves escape the prison of Thranduil.

How does Bilbo help the dwarves escape from wood elves?

They escape in barrels sent downriver to be filled.

In 'The Hobbit' when did the dwarves first decide that Bilbo was first-rate burglar after all?

After he breaks them out of the wood elves prison ....Thorin finally admits that Gandalf was correct, and tells Bilbo he IS what Gandalf said he would be.

What are rune-letters in 'The Hobbit'?

In the hobbit they are "dwarf writing", but other books show they were first invented by the elves and the dwarves learned them from the elves.

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